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Brass sun catcher with glass 5inch tube to fill with water so you can propagate plants or admire a flower steam. All triangles are cut from recycled brass. Some have a real cedar seed.

Brass sun catchers. No two swirls are the same. Colored seed beads attached.

Hang crystal in direct sunlight for rainbows.

**These are made to order so please expect each one to vary slightly in size and shape. All roughly 14-20 inches long.**

What you will receive: 2 swirl sun catchers, 2 propagated plant sun catchers, 2 propagated plant sun catchers with triangles. 6 sun catchers in total. Each will vary in size and shape, no two will look alike.

wholesale price: $152 | Sugested Retail Price (SRP) : $310 (swirl $45ea • propagated plant $45ea • propagated plant w/ triangles $65ea)

Sun Catcher • Variety Pack of 6

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