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Hello! I am Willow Rain.

An artist, an explorer, a creator, a dreamer, a ramblin soul.

I am a self taught metalsmith raised in the Pacific North West. I create nature inspired jewelry, belt buckles, home adornments and so much more!

Although this dream was a lifetime in the making, I officially created this business out of my astro van in 2021 (and later my truck camper in 2022). I traveled across the country spending countless hours in the wilderness, teaching myself how to sculpt silver through a series of youtube videos, articles and asking a lot of questions along the way. 


 I have created beautiful pieces of jewelry all along the Appalachians, the beaches and lakes of Maine, the deserts of Utah, the mountains of Montana, the rivers of Idaho, the forests of Oregon and so many more wild places! 

I created out of a mobile metalsmith studio for two years until I moved back to my home town, Portland Oregon in 2023. Although currently my studio is mostly home based, I continue to pack out my tools to create in the surrounding wilderness often. Every component of my work is handcrafted and influenced by the ever changing landscapes I'm eager to explore.


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