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I am a traveling artist creating handcrafted jewelry across the United States.

I have a  mobile silversmith studio that allows me to create all places wild and

outdoors. If you would like to know where your jewelry was inspired and

created please email me at 

Where are you based?
Do you offer custom orders? 

I am accepting a limited amount of custom orders at this time. Please email for more information 

How to care for your sterling silver jewelry:

Sterling silver will tarnish over time, especially 

in humid climates. To prevent tarnishing it is best to avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower, swimming pool or hot tub. Store in a dry cool location and clean with a soft dry cloth regularly. Keep away from contact with hair sprays, body lotions and perfumes. 

How to clean your sterling silver jewelry:

If tarnish is not too severe, a silver polishing cloth will be most effective. If your sterling silver is in need of a deeper clean the safest option is to use a cotton swab with a mild dish soap to wash only the silver. Rinse in warm water and dry completely. 

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